Protection operations for law enforcement

    Course #150619LE

    This five day course will provide the basic overview and introduction to protection operations for law enforcement personnel assigned to protection details or in support of federal law enforcement protection operations. Students will learn basic foot formations, vehicle/motorcade operations, advanced work and planning as well as proper procedures for extraction of a principal during an attack. This 40 hour course includes classroom theory, practical exercises and a live fire exercise.

    This course is taught by former 1st SFOD-D (CAG), SEAL and high threat protection specialists.

    Police Sniper Operations

    Course #150525LE

    This 40 hour course has been designed and built specifically for police snipers by 1st SFOD-D (CAG) and law enforcement personal, this intensive course will introduce the student to advanced observation techniques, ballistic charts, range estimation and advanced marksmanship. Students will also be introduced to field craft in both urban and rural environments as well as hide site selection and construction, camouflage and methods of insertion into a target area. This course will also provide an overview on use of force issues under MN state statute and relevant case studies of police sniper operations. Students attending this course should have completed a basic law enforcement, government or military sniper course and must be in good physical shape.

    This course is taught by former 1st SFOD-D (CAG), SEAL, law enforcement and State Department Designated Defensive Marksmen.

    The Improvised Explosive Device Threat

    Course #130218LE

    Will you be prepared as a first responder? Improvised explosive devices (IED) like those that have killed and maimed thousands of American soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, now pose a growing threat throughout the United States. The recent Boston marathon bombing is an example of how these deadly devices have made their way from the battlefields to the streets of America. This course focuses specifically on the threat to law enforcement personnel and first responders that may come into contact with these deadly and unforgiving devices in the official scope of their duties. This course will provide law enforcement and the first responder proven methods to successfully identify and deal with this threat.

    This course is taught by former American and British military explosive ordinance disposal specialists.

    Advanced Structure assault Course

    Course #150625LE

    This 5 day 40 hour advanced course is designed primarily for the law enforcement SWAT/ERU team member. Tactics and operational concepts for this unique and challenging course were developed from current U.S. Special Operations techniques for dynamic room and building entry's. Students attending the advanced structure assault course will also be introduced to combat proven techniques in engaging multiple targets during live fire surgical shooting drills.

    This course is taught by former 1st SFOD-D (CAG), SEAL, law enforcement SWAT and high threat protection specialists.

    AK - 47 Rifle Familiarization Course

    Course #150622LE

    The AK 47 rifle familiarization course is designed to instruct US Military personnel, Law Enforcement and security contractors the safe and proper handling of the different variants of the AK 47 weapon platform. This course will include detailed classroom instruction and practical field application. Course instructors are subject matter experts and individuals who have used the weapon system in various environments including combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This 16 hour course will provide an intense introduction on the familiarization and use of the AK-47 weapons platform. The first day of the course is classroom and lecture based and the second day encompasses range work and extensive weapons handling that will cover; safe and proper handling of the AK 47, to include loading and unloading of the weapon platform, disassembly and reassembly, basic maintenance, ballistic considerations, functioning of the weapon, tactical shooting drills, tactical magazine changes, misfire and stoppage drills as well as sight adjustment and zeroing.

    This course is taught by former 1st SFOD-D (CAG), SEAL and high threat protection specialists.

    Advanced Tactical Carbine

    Course Number # 150525LE

    *Only 5.56/223 and 6.8x43 mm weapon platforms are allowed for this course

    The advanced tactical carbine course is designed to develop a strong understanding and proficiency with a tactical carbine in hostile environments and during hostile contacts. Students will start with focus on the basic handling and marksmanship skills and then move to advanced shooting drills. This course will focus on techniques used by Special Operation personnel in urban and rural environments. Upon successful completion of the course the student will have increased his/her skills in speed, shooting, accuracy and confidence with operating a carbine in stressful operational situations.

    This course is taught by former 1st SFOD-D (CAG), SEAL and high threat protection specialists.